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Home Repair Construction Training School

Home Repair Construction Training Program

Our mission is to provide targeted economic opportunities for people to earn wages through job skills training.  Our goal is to offer a positive alternative for people to gain a measure of self-confidence and self-respect.

Our hands-on learning approach includes life skills training and instruction in sales, construction cost estimating, construction management, safety, carpentry, drywall, plaster, concrete, roofing, and painting.  People who attend our program obtain skills which can be immediately used in their own domicile as well as the job marketplace.  Also, our students have input into the learning process and develop work skills and attitudes that are appropriate and necessary in today's competitive economy.

 Training in Home Repair Construction can provide a sense of pride in one's achievements, increased self-confidence and an income producing career.  With older houses constantly in need of repairs, Home Repair Professionals are almost always in demand and can command top dollar for their services.